Conversations in Church

Bulletin Q&A published 8-28-22: Is it wrong to have lengthy conversations (before mass) in the church? The General Instruction on the Roman Missal answers this one pretty clearly for us. “Even before the celebration itself, it is commendable that silence to be observed in the church, in the sacristy, in the vesting room, and in… Continue reading Conversations in Church

Disposal of Religious Articles

Bulletin Q&A published 8-21-22: How should religious articles such as Bibles, missals, and rosaries be disposed of when they are tattered, worn beyond use, or broken? What about palms given out on Palm Sunday? Disposing of religious articles, especially blessed or consecrated articles, is a serious issue to consider. Canon Law states: “Sacred objects, which… Continue reading Disposal of Religious Articles

Blessing of Objects

Bulletin Q&A published 8-14-22: What is the Church’s teaching on the blessing of rosaries and other religious articles? When items, such as rosaries, are blessed, they become Sacramentals. Sacramentals can indirectly lead us on a path to obtain actual graces, unlike the Sacraments that effectively confer sanctifying graces upon us. The Baltimore Catechism states: “A… Continue reading Blessing of Objects

Are You Perplexing?

Homily, 8-29-22; Passion of John the Baptist: Do people find you perplexing? Causing someone to be perplexed can be a bad thing or a good thing. I think Jenni is often perplexed by my words or actions, and usually not in a good way. But in today’s gospel passage, we hear about how Herod is… Continue reading Are You Perplexing?

Foreigner or Subject

Homily, 8-8-22; Monday of the 19th Week in Ordinary Time: Are we subjects or are we foreigners? In today’s gospel, Jesus agrees to pay the temple tax, admitting essentially that He is foreigner, and not a subject of the government. Yesterday we heard about Abraham in our second reading from Hebrews. The passage stated: “By… Continue reading Foreigner or Subject

Monk Question

Bulletin Q&A published 8-7-22: Is a monk a priest or a brother? And what is a friar? This is a much more involved question than it first appears. In general there are three states of life for members of the Church: clergy, religious, and laity. The clergy consists of men who have been ordained, i.e.… Continue reading Monk Question


Homily, 8-7-22; Sunday of the 19th Week in Ordinary Time: Our second reading this morning speaks about faith and hope. Hoping for something that you can’t understand, and believing that your hopes will be realized. We heard: “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to… Continue reading Sojourning

A Question about Grace

Bulletin Q&A published 7-31-22: How do we get God’s grace? Well let’s start by distinguishing between the two kinds of graces: actual grace and sanctifying, or habitual, grace. Actual grace is external from us; it refers to the nudges that we receive from God to respond to his call. God may give us a special… Continue reading A Question about Grace

Beware of False Prophets

Homily, 8-1-22; Monday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time: Today we heard the entire 28th chapter of the book of the prophet Jeremiah. And we heard about the conflict between Jeremiah and the false prophet, Hananiah. We heard about wooden yokes and iron yokes. And it can sound a little confusing if we don’t… Continue reading Beware of False Prophets