Orthoscopy II:

The Rest of the Journey

Working in the Vineyard

Our spiritual life is a journey. We are sojourners on this earth with the hope of reaching our heavenly home as our destination when our travels are done. But will the paths we choose on our earthly journey prepare us for immediate entrance to Heaven, or will we need to continue on a journey through Purgatory? I would like to share some of my thoughts in this website. Hopefully, they will help guide you to make good choices, to do what you ought to do and not just what you want to do, so that this “rest of the journey” will be as short as possible.

“Anyone who is determined to reach his destination is not deterred by the roughness of the road that leads to it. Nor must we allow the charm of success to seduce us, or we shall be like a foolish traveler who is so distracted by the pleasant meadows through which he is passing that he forgets where he is going.” (From a homily on the Gospels by Saint Gregory the Great, pope )

“It is better to limp along the way than stride along off the way. For a man who limps along the way, even if he only makes slow progress, comes to the end of the way; but the one who is off the way, the more quickly he runs, the further away is he from his goal.” (Thomas Aquinas, from the Exposition on John)

Orthoscopy is no longer in print. The publisher has gone out of business.