Bulletin Articles
Below are links to articles published in the parish bulletin of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in
Imlay City, Michigan. They are responses to questions submitted by our parishioners.

2008 Bulletin Q&As

Are Masses with only a deacon present considered a real Mass, plus may not always be on a
Sunday? Does that Mass count as a regular Mass?

I read that having an abortion, or assisting in one (voting for abortion rights too?)
automatically excommunicates you from the Church. Where is this written? Also, is that the
same for any willful murder?

You hear a lot about “orthodox” churches and priests. How is the typical Catholic to know
whether the church they are attending and the priest who presides are orthodox and
teaching in a way which conforms to true Catholic doctrine?

Is it true that there are relics in every altar?

When and why did our church become the “Roman” Catholic Church instead of just the
Catholic Church? And secondly, at the time when several popes ruled from Avignon, France,
were we, at the time, known as the “Avignon” Catholic Church?

How should we handle weddings to which we are invited if the couple is not getting married
in the Catholic Church (and one or both parties were baptized/raised Catholic)? Not to go to
the ceremony? Not to go the reception?

Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. He carries the guilt of his
sin without end. (ref. Mk. 3:29) Please explain.

Must we make the Sign of the Cross with the right hand, or is it okay to use the left hand?

My friend and I were discussing why women cannot become priests, but I was having a
difficult time defending the Church’s position on the issue. Any suggestions?

Why does the second reading in the Missalette refer to the author as Saint Paul, and the
gospel author as just Matthew or Luke?

I sometimes feel like a hypocrite. I pray that I will recognize Jesus in my fellow man but have
no trouble passing by the hitchhiker or the panhandler. I feel danger in picking up a
hitchhiker and figure the panhandler will go off and buy a bottle of booze. How should I
respond in these situations?

“Wrong is wrong, even if everyone else is doing it. Right is right, even if no one else is doing it.” ( St. Augustine)