Bulletin Articles
“Wrong is wrong, even if everyone else is doing it. Right is right, even if no one else is doing it.” ( St. Augustine)
Below are links to articles published in the parish bulletin of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in
Imlay City, Michigan. They are responses to questions submitted by our parishioners.

2007 Bulletin Q&As

A visiting person at mass commented to me about the large whole wheat host Father uses at
mass. She said, “Now I know why I like the white host. At my church at the consecration, you
see Jesus, a white & unblemished lamb. Here you see flecks of color in the wheat.” Can we
use white?

In extreme cases, can a lay person conduct a wedding?

How many books are in the Old and New Testaments?

What happens if you don’t go to confession for years?

What does it mean, as the people of the Church, to be “the light to the world?”

What is the purpose of the Mass?

Why can Catholics go to church on Saturday night and it counts as going on Sunday?

A question on genuflecting came up in our catechism class. Can you explain genuflecting;
when and on how many knees?

If you can’t get out of hell once you get there, how did Jesus descend into hell and be risen
in 3 days after?

What is the thing on the stand with the tabernacle that is small and round with a cross on the

Is it true the rosary was given to us directly by Mary herself? When and where and in what
form? Did she specify the prayers and mysteries as we know them today?
-  Part 1
-  Part 2

Why do we hold hands during the Our Father? We as a family feel very uncomfortable with
this recent un-prescribed addition to the Liturgy.

Is it wrong that at the sign of peace the priest leaves the altar (as do the altar servers) to
shake the hands of people in their pews?

If a marriage to a non-Catholic is not considered a true marriage by the Catholic Church, why
is it necessary to go before the Church tribunal for an annulment?

What benefits or what grace are present in a sacramental marriage vs. a civil union? How do
we grow in those graces or have them flourish in our marriage?

Is it disrespectful to leave the church before the mass is over? (Even the closing hymn?)

In the Bible, Jesus says you shall not use the term “Father” because we have only one
Father in heaven. So why does the Catholic Church use “Father” to address priests?

Is it wrong to have lengthy conversation (before mass) in the church?

Is missing Mass on Sunday a mortal sin?

How important is it that fathers attend Sunday Mass with their children?

As Halloween approaches, what is the Church’s view on witches, vampires, etc. as portrayed
in popular culture (Halloween costumes, Harry Potter, etc.). Should kids (adults) read and/or
watch these forms of entertainment?

-  Revisiting the question regarding Harry Potter

I thought I heard that the third secret of Fatima has been satisfied. But I still get mail from
charity organizations stating that it has not. Which is correct?

What is meant by the “Holy See”?

Is a monk a priest or a brother? And what is a friar?

In the Our Father we pray: “… lead us not into temptation …”. Would God do that to us?

Why do we put lightning rods on Catholic Churches? Aren’t we expected to trust God?

Why does the bishop come to confirm kids at their confirmation but the priest confirms adults
at the Easter Vigil?

I read often that when two or more are present when praying the rosary, or just saying
prayers, that He is there with us. Is He there when we pray alone?